About Periwinkle Photography

Hi!  I’m Missy.  I've been working as a professional photopgrapher for 15 years now and it's been such a priveldge working with all of the littles and families that have become part of the Periwinkle Family.  I'm also a wife and a mother of 3 amazing kiddos.  Jeff and I have two girls and one little guy.  Stella is 5 and is a social butterfly who loves to talk to people, Kate is 3 and although a little shy she’s super hilarious, Henry is a year and a half and he is seriously on the go non stop!  He climbs things all day long!  Oh, and we also have a sweet dog who we call Elsie. 

My degree is in commercial photography and I’ve worked together with some amazing companies including the photographers at Hallmark Cards. I also traveled the U.S. participating in art fairs with my Fine Art Photography and picked up a handful of awards along the way.

Somewhere along the line everyone started asking me if I would photograph their children and families.  For a long time I would politely decline and tell them that’s not really what I do.  Then one day I wondered why in the world was I turning all of this business away...and that’s how Periwinkle Photography came to be.  I now spend my time behind the camera photographing newborns, toddlers, families, and seniors.  I really love it more than any other photography that I have done.  When I started on this venture I didn’t have children of my own and now that I do, I understand and appreciate just how special what I create is.  I enjoy it more and more each and every time I meet a new client.  Most of my newborn clients stick with me through the years and watching these tiny babies grow and seeing their personalities develop and shine...what a privilege that is.

I am all about creating true and lasting moments that are timeless.  I love to put a subject in an environment and just let them do what they do...capture them as naturally as possible.  Of course I do posed shots as well, but my passion is every day life moments.  There’s just a simple but beautiful sweetness to images like this that steal my heart every time.  My favorite photo shoot from last year was one that I did at a fair...it was magical and so much fun!

I’m constantly trying to grow and fine-tune my style and the way that I am able to communicate emotion.   I love the ability to say so much without saying a single word.  I am inspired my love, life, and the pursuit of delightful memories.  

Just for fun, here are some things that make me smile, without fail, every time. When the trees bloom in the Spring and the leaves turn in the Fall, having coffee (or tea) with good friends, aprons, really really big cookies, the moon, a campfire, when all 3 of my kids hold hands, looking at old photographs, listening to little kids have a conversation, folk music, the first time you can drive with the windows down after the weather warms up, when my husband kisses me on the forehead, and baby animals.