Kids & Family Info

Sessions can take place on location or at the studio and are usually held in the morning or late afternoon.  Sessions typically last 1-2 hours always leaving time for a diaper change, snack, or simply a short break.  Keep in mind though, that I do not limit the sessions to this amount of time as I am dedicated to getting the most memorable shots.

The most important thing to remember is that I want to capture your child being him/herself. That is one of the huge benefits of being in comfortable location and not in a department store.  We are not in a hurry and we can just let things unfold naturally and at their own pace.  Some of the best moments can be caught just playing with a favorite toy or even while taking a short snack break.  I am not too big on posed shots and would much rather capture what is going on as it happens.

As for clothing, if you want to have a couple of different options available I can definitely help you choose what will work best.  Really, for newborns and little ones there is nothing better than a diaper or a cute diaper cover.  Some more of my favorites are onesies, snuggly blankets, or even just a cute bib.  Keep in mind that the clothing shouldn’t be the main attraction and you really can not go wrong with simple classic looks.

The number of final images will vary but the normal range will be somewhere around 30-40. I shoot a lot during our time together and then narrow it down to the best.  All photographs will be available in color and black & white. Your proofs will be made available within two weeks of your session and your order needs to be placed within two weeks of proof availability.  Prints will be delivered to you within 2-3 weeks of receiving payment of your final order.  Photo Books may take a bit longer.

Oh, and since most of my business comes from client referrals I am happy to offer $25 towards your next session for every new client that you refer!  I usually ask how people find me, but it is always a good idea to encourage your friends to let me know that you sent them.

Gift Certificates are also available and can be used toward session fees or prints.